Friday, March 2, 2012

Pizza Land

Any Soprano's fan has to try Pizza Land pizza. They are the pizzeria featured in the opening credits of the Soprano's. They have been a local landmark for over 45 years.
Al Pawlowicz has been making pizza at Pizzaland for a decade, starting off as an employee and then buying the place about five years ago from the original owner's son. Pizzaland dates back to 1965, when legend has it that Italian immigrant Frank DiPiazza won the squat brick building in a card game and promptly opened a pizzeria.
The unique style of pie that he developed endures, the recipes handed down from father to son. Frank DiPiazza passed away in 1991 and his son briefly ran the store before passing the store on to Pawlowicz.
The store is really small and most of the business is take out orders. Try them if you are ever in Arllington NJ.

Pizza Land
260 Belleville Turnpike
North Arlington NJ 07031

The cast of the show made the trip Pizza Land and signed the photo below, which hangs inside.

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